Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading!

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to read many books related to anxiety, psychology, healing, mindfulness, mind body medicine etc.  Below are a sample of some of the books that I really enjoyed and would recommend.  I have starred books that are my personal favorites and helped me most on my healing journey.

Taking the Leap-Pema Chodron

Wherever You Go, There You Are- Kabat Zinn

*Man’s Search for Meaning- Victor Frankl

The Last Lecture-Randy Pausch

*Back Sense-Ron siegel

*Mind Over Medicine- Lissa Rankin

*Living with your Heart Wide Open-Bob Stahl

Forest Bathing-Wing Li

Active Hope-Joanna Macy

Spontaneous Happiness-Andrew Weil

Present Perfect-Pavel Somov

*Beyond Orgasm; Let me count the Ways; Sexual Intelligence- Marty Klein

The Perfectionists Handbook- Jeff Szymanski

Living in the light of death- Larry Rosenberg

The man who couldn’t stop- David Adam

*Cured- Jeffrey Rediger

The experience of insight- Joseph Goldstein

*Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Jonathan Grayson

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders- Fred Penzel

Reconciliation; Peace is Every Step-Thich Nhat Hanh

*The Mindful way through Depression-John TIsdale

*Radical Acceptance; True Refuge; Radical Compassion- Tara Brach

Dipa Ma- The life and legacy of a Buddhist Master- Amy Schmidt

The Four agreements – Don miguel ruiz

Have a little Faith-Mitch Albom

*When the Body says No- Gabor Mate

*Calming the Rush of Panic- Bob Stahl

The Mindful Path through Shyness-Steve Flowers

Rediscovering Life; The way to love-Anthony De Melo

A mind of your Own; Own Your Self- Kelly Brogan

*Daring Greatly; The Gifts of Imperfection; Rising Strong;  Braving the Wilderness-Brene Brown

Your Body Knows the Answer-David Rome

Healing Trauma-Peter Levine

*The Pleasure Trap – Douglas Lisle

The Food Revolution -John Robbins

So Good they can’t Ignore you =Cal Newport

The Starch solution-John mcdougall

*Sex at Dawn; Civilized to Death- Chris Ryan

The Buddha before Buddhism- Gil Fransdal

From Root to Bloom – Danna Faulds

*The Craving Mind- Jud Brewer

Say What you Mean -Oren J Sofer

*The Joy of living; In love with the World; Joyful Wisdom- Mingyur Rinpoche

A Fierce Heart-Spring Washam

Love letter to the Earth; Living Buddha Living Christ- Thich Nhat Hanh

*Truth in Dating, Getting Real- Susan Campbell

Nurturing resilience- Kathy Kain 

*Awake in the wild-Mark Coleman

*Running on Empty- Jonice Webb

*How to change your mind- Michael Pollen

Breath – James Nestor

Adult children of emotionally immature parents

The truth- Neil Strauss

Not Nice-Aziz Gaziputa

The Trauma of Everyday Life- Mark Epstein

Permission to Feel- Marc Brackett

The Ultramind Solution- Mark Hyman

The Depression Cure- Stephen Ilardi

Here are some other random personal favorites:

A short history of progress- Ronald Wright

The Soul of Iran-Afshin Molavi

*Vagabonding- Rolf Potts

Born to Run -Christopher Mcdougall

*Rooftops of Tehran-Mahbod Seraji

Rumi-The book of Love-Coleman Barks

The Spell of the Sensuous; Becoming Animal- David Abram

A Series of Unfortunate Events-Lemony Snicket

*Beyond Words-Carl Safina

The Once and Future World-JB Mackinnon

Eragon; Eldest- Christopher Paolini

The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything; Between Heaven and Mirth- James Martin

Models; The subtle art of not giving a fuck- Mark Manson

The Year that Changed the World- Michael Meyer

*Naomi Klein- This changes everything

*Harry potter- all books – JK Rowling

Full planet empty plates-lester brown

Greening the self-Joanna Macey

*The Ascent of humanity -Charles Eisenstein

What’s the Economy for Anyway?- John de Graaf

Enough is Enough – Rob Deitz

*Alain De Botton- The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work; The Art of Travel; Status Anxiety; How Proust Can Change your Life; The Consultations of Philosophy

Supply shock – Brain Czech

Spiritual ecology – The Cry of the Earth llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Food choice and sustainability- Richard Oppenlander

Ten Billion- Stephen Emmott.

*Comfortably Unaware – Richard Oppenlander

*The China Study- T colin Campbell

*The Sixth Extinction- Elizabeth Kolbert

Little Princes – Connor Grennan

*Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini

On the Road- Jack Kerouac 

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man-John Perkins

The Day the World Came to Town -9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland- Jim Defede

*In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin- Erik Larson

The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs-Bill Jenkinson

*Carrying the Fire- An Astronaut’s Journeys-Michael Collins

*A long Walk To Freedom- Nelson Mandela

*What we Think about when we try not to think about Global Warming- Per Espen Stoknes

Ecopsychology- Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind

Ecotherapy: Healing with nature in Mind- Linda Buzzell, Craig Chalquist

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