Hey I’m Ryan

Mindfulness and Compassion coaching for fear and anxiety

Befriend difficult emotions and live a life of courage and meaning

  • What we are really afraid of is feeling unpleasant (or pleasant) physical sensations in the body
  • To avoid these sensations we numb with distraction, addictive behaviors or thinking creating endless anxiety habit loops..
  • Over time, our  thinking turns into unskillful beliefs  
  • Courage is turning towards these difficult sensations and learning to be with them.  Learning to make friends with them.  We get to know them and investigate them 
  • This turning towards gives us meaning and agency.  It creates a space.  In that space we choose how to act.  

I struggled with severe OCD, anxiety, bouts of anger and a nonstop dull sadness ever since I was a little boy.  These emotions caused a tremendous amount of suffering for myself and my family.  Without the tools to work with these emotions in the body, I turned to addictive behaviors and obsessive thinking which colored most of my waking existence.  My dreams were put on hold and my desire to connect with friends and intimate partners always felt out of reach.  I felt like I didn’t belong, and that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.  Even after hundreds of hours of therapy, I felt stuck.  Once I was able to combine the therapy with mindfulness and compassion training my life started to change.  Slowly at first, but I kept practicing.  I made these tools my life.  I started to trust them.  They changed my brain and my life.   I hope my story can inspire you that no matter how difficult things are in your own mind and body, change is possible.  Today I run a coaching practice to teach people the mindfulness and compassion skills that have had a profound impact on my life.  These skills have helped me to turn towards the difficult emotions and body sensations and befriend my experience which has given me the courage to move towards my values.